Latvian Ceramics

Latvian ceramics has been known for a long time. It has always been different because ceramics in Latvia is interesting with it’s color variations within each region. Our company represents one of these regions – Vidzeme. Since 1992 we are known as Cesis ceramics. POPULAR PRODUCTS:

For our clients we offer the composition containers that can be used both for live and artificial plants. We produce wide assortment of glazed, colored or unglazed clay containers and flower pots. Customers are offered the opportunity to order individual design different size and shape ceramic containers. As the principal direction of our company is a flower pot and household container production. We offer cooperation in creating interior elements. We can produce a variety of decors, ceramic figures, as well as floor and wall ceramic tiles according to your offer. HOUSEHOLD CERAMICS:
All of our dishes can be used in microwave oven, as well as in the dishwasher,they are safe for use in gas, electric or wood-fired oven and food is given a unique taste. Our pottery is made from ecologically pure Latvian clay. All ceramic products are functionally resistant and beautiful, because they are our masters handwork and each product is a masterpiece. DIFFERENT EVERYDAY CONTAINERS:
Our special assortment of goods is updated all the time. A special assortment is available for summer when we offer a variety of toby jugs, beer jugs, cheese plates, etc. At Christmas time we offer different candlesticks, oil flavor and luminaries. SPECIAL OFFER:
In our offer you will find a wide assortment of different clay containers and a variety of ceramics:
- Ceramic candlesticks from one to nine branches,
- Luminaries for various kinds of candles, as well as oil flavor
- Wall decors and painted plates,
- Various size and shape vases – also for the dried flowers
- Savings banks and various souvenir figurines,
- Bowl 0.2 l to 9 l
- Mugs and cups from the 0.1-liter up to 6 L. – dishes,
- Different sized stem containers, as well as various storage containers
- Different sized ceramic toby jugs